Manufacturing Center and Technological Design

Manufacturing for the Oil Industry

SERTECPET® works under the highest international standards; The API Q1 specification of the American Petroleum Institute, certifies that our production plant works with the rules that govern the companies supplying products and services of the petroleum and petrochemical sector. Sertecpet® is authorized to apply the API monogram  for a number of completion tools and threading services.

The technology applied to the manufacturing process guarantees reliable products of high quality, the SERTECPET® machining plant incorporates computer-aided design with the manufacture in Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) lathes.

Production Tubing Repair Service:

Production Tubing  repair processes follow the guidelines of API RP 5C1 and the Tenaris and Hydrill Licensing Service of Thread repair in production tubing  in sizes from 2 3/8 to 4 1/2.

Thread Manufacturing and Repair Capacity:

The personnel and work centers are qualified for the machining of premium connections such as: 

SEC (Tubing and Casing), ATLAS BRADFORD (ST-L), TenarisHydril (Blue, ER, MS, MS XT / XC, Wedge 503, 513 , 523, 533, 553, 563, 501, 511, 521, 531, 551, 561); and connections API 8 RD (EU), 10 RD (NU), Line Pipe, Buttress, LTC, STC, NC (Internal Flush IF), Regular.


  • SPEC 7,1 Drill Steam Sub.

Connections NC(IF), REGULAR


  • SEC.
  • AMS.

Manufacturing Center and Technological Design

SERTECPET® is able to meet special requirements for our customers, our multidisciplinary team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to work closely with clients to develop customized solutions with a high degree of technological development.

The design, programming and machining of parts and pieces for various industries is developed using CAD software (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Engineering) for three-dimensional modeling that allows the verification and optimization of operation through stress analysis, simulation of fluid behavior .

ISO, API, NACE, standards are used in the design of tools guaranteeing their standard use, mechanical resistance and compatibility of constituent materials.

A CAD-CAM system (Computer Aided Design- Computer Aided Manufacturing) is used for the generation of programs for numerical control, in accordance with the specification of ISO 6983 and EIA 4-RS-274 standards.

Quality Assurement

Our specialists supervise every stage of the process, from the receipt and storage of raw material to the delivery to the client, we perform tests on the equipment and rigorous tests that certify our products.

  • Dimensional Control:  100% of the products are inspected using the latest generation measuring instruments, a process governed by procedures and instructions that comply with the licensing standards and ISO 9001 - 2008.
  • Non-Destructive Testing: :Qualified ASNT personnel for inspection with magnetic particles and penetrating liquids that guarantee the reliability and quality of all products.