Integrated Management System

SERTECPET® is a productive community that considers all the actors within its value chain. Therefore, not only practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but lives in each of its actions as part of its philosophy of ethical and sustainable production.

The organization actively contributes to society on a voluntary basis for the continuous improvement of the community where it is developed. Whether in the social, environmental or economic sphere, SERTECPET® acts with a view to generating added value for all interested parties. We have adopted practices to ratify its philosophy and commitment to corporate responsibility, as has been its priority for more than 25 years. This is how we generate strategies to maintain balance in every aspect in which the organization can impact.

SERTECPET® maintains a relationship with universities for the development of applicable research projects, providing future professionals with tools and knowledge that contribute to their development and that allows them to achieve excellence, as well as developing customized projects based on the needs of each client. These developments have resulted in patents of a worldwide nature.

Security and Energy
Sustainable and Productive Community

SERTECPET® transforms needs into energy, provides sustainable and long-term sustainable solutions for all stakeholders, always safeguarding the welfare of its employees.

SERTECPET® is characterized by its responsibility to the environment where it operates. Promotes the generation of energy through responsible and sustainable solutions.

Each process carried out by SERTECPET® is a guarantee of quality to the consumer and customer. All the processes are executed in a meticulous way to obtain results of excellence and at the same time they safeguard the security of all the involved and interested parties.


The responsible commitment of the organization is ratified with its desire to generate industry not only nationally and internationally, but the organization invests resources to generate processes of excellence for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

International Certificates

Quality Management System (QMS)

When excellence is part of everyday life, it is not difficult to develop and comply with processes that facilitate the proper development of activities. SERTECPET®’s commitment to the success of their services and the quality of its products is confirmed through its Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001, API Q1, Q2 API, T / S 29001, Estampe “R” National Board Inspection Code and ASME, which provide a solid base to deliver satisfactory results for clients and other stakeholders.

The QMS is responsible for the structure of the processes in a way that allows the organization to develop and plan quality management in relation to services and production operations. Methodologies are proposed for the resolution of potential problems and therefore it is possible to prevent and count on actions to solve the real problems. The correct Quality Management produces a better quality – price ratio in all the products and services that the organization offers to the market.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

The sustainability of the processes is key for the organization. This is how the Environmental Management System (EMS) of SERTECPET® was created and consolidated, which focuses on the continuous improvement of processes and projects so that they are viable and productive in the long term, generating benefits and avoiding any negative impact.

The EMG sets sustainable goals and targets for good industrial performance in relation to the environment. For this purpose, we work closely and develop environmental management programs that are in line with the policies of the organization. SERTECPET® maintains, as a priority, the strengthening of corporate and civil responsibilities with the Environment. The activities of environmental responsibility of the organization are permanent and are carried out in all the countries where it maintains operations, always in faithful compliance with the current norm of the host country.

Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)

The priority of the organization is that the processes carried out have adequate systems that guarantee the safety and health of the collaborators. For this purpose, we have a solid Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). SERTECPET® complies with the system through the development and monitoring of safety and health regulations and standards to control and mitigate possible risks in the workplace.

The trust of the collaborators and their families, as well as the interest groups, is deposited in a proven system that guarantees the good execution of projects, processes, production and, in general, the development of any activity carried out in the organization. The OHSMS applies to all corporate practice in a proactive and preventive manner and hazards are identified to control potential risks related to the workplace.

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