Projects & Engineering

Integral EPC / EPAC projects and assembly of industrial plants

SERTECPET® develops integrated EPC / EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction / Management) projects to create civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control infrastructure in the oil and energy sectors, as well as the electromechanical assembly of Industrial Plants. We have the human resources, machinery, equipment and infrastructure that allows us to be the preferred strategic partners of our customers in large scale projects. Our project management process is complemented by the generation of ideas or alternatives that allow us to solve specific problems or needs, which require technical, technological and economic viability for our clients.

Civil Infrastructure Projects

SERTECPET® has the human, technological, machinery, equipment and tools for the development of civil and architectural infrastructure projects, including but not limited to the following design and construction activities:

  • Construction and expansion of roads
  • Construction and expansion of platforms
  • Earth movement
  • Construction of auxiliary infrastructure: perimetral fences, open drainage systems.
  • Piling
  • Equipment foundations
  • Architectural infrastructure works: buildings, sheds and camps
  • Various metal structures: decks, shelters.

Ducts, Pipelines & Flow Lines

SERTECPET® has the human, technological, machinery, equipment and tools resources for the development of pipeline construction projects and fluid flow lines, including, but not limited to the following activities:

  • Construction of right of way
  • Pipe transportation and laying
  • Bending, trenching, lowering and covering of pipe
  • Pipe welding with internal and external coating and without coating
  • Provision of pumping systems (flow and pressure) and execution of pressure tests in piping
  • Installation of leak detection and pipeline cleaning systems
  • Pre-commissioning , commissioning and start-up of pipelines and flow lines

Construction and Repair of Process Tanks API 650 & API 653

SERTECPET® has the human, technological, machinery, equipment and tools resources for the development of tank construction and repair projects for fluid storage and processing storage vessels.

Project Engineering Development

SERTECPET® has the human and technological resources (including required software) for the development of engineering projects, including, but not limited to, the following services:

  • Development of conceptual, basic and detailed engineering
  • Pre-feasibility and project feasibility studies
  • Specialized studies HAZOP, HAZID, WHAT IF and QRA
  • Technical consultancy services
  • Project monitoring services