somos una empresa de innovación constante

We continuously develop new technologies that offer integral solutions for our clients

Research, Development and Innovation

We are convinced that innovation is the engine for a sustainable economic growth. We are aware that the generation and application of new ideas increase the profitability of any activity. We demonstrated this fact about 28 years ago with the creation of the Jet Claw pump that brought about significant improvement in the hydraulic-based oil-production. Since then, we have been continuously investing in R&D actvities as an strategy for growth in the long term.

The R&D department  was created in 2014 with the aim of carrying out an applied research program to develop new and innovative tools and services with high aggregate value for the petroleum industry. With this implementation, SERTECPET expects to position as a regional technological leader.

Prompt development and continuous improvement

We design, fabricate and test our tools in accordance with the especifications required in the industry.

We implement a prompt development process through an optimum number of learning cycles which includes: analysis, experimentation and computational simulations. 

Our R&D activities are not limited solely to the creation of new products; we are also devoted to the enhancement of existing tools to increase their operational performance

Tailored Solutions

The permanent availability of our R&D´specialists along with the strategic location of our production plant allow us to carry out projects that require a short-response time. We are capable of tailoring the design of our tools to satisfy unprecedented functional needs of our clients.

Alliance with World-Class Technological Centers.

We signed agreements to carry out research projects in collaboration with some of the best universities in the world. The research activities performed in collaboration with  Edinburgh Innovation strengthened our technological skills through a research consultancy provided by researchers from the Edinburgh University.

The R&D members hold certifications in management, design, and advanced manufacturing control processes granted by MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is a worldwide known líder of development and teaching of mechanical engineering.

We have also formed research links with local universities. Our specialists activelly participate in events that encourage the transfer of knowledge organized by research centers in different universities. Furthermore, our internship program has received undergraduate and postgraduate students from local and international universities.  Hundreds of students have received training and proficiency in the use of our software for simulation of oil production Wells.