The organization was founded in 1990 as a result of the necessities of the strategic sectors in Ecuador. We have been facing challenges for over 25 years and revolutionizing the industry as an example of perseverance and excellence. SERTECPET® is an agent for industrial development and research at an international level and is the first Ecuadorian industry to offer Comprehensive Energy Solutions worldwide with great success. This is how we have achieved solid consolidation at the global level, becoming a benchmark in the international energy sector.

Our Storie

Established in 1990, SERTECPET® is an industry that generates Integral Solutions for the energy sector. It is recognized for its productive capacities based on technological innovation, high added value and sustainable processes. It exemplifies the diversity and excellence of its employees reflected in a constant and strategic growth.

Its founders, the López Robayo Brothers are an example of life and pride, who through a dream consolidated one of the strongest industries in Latin America with a global presence.

SERTECPET® is endorsed by the presence of associates with a solid professional background, experience, creativity, deep personal and corporate values and with a clear projection of the future.

Today, it mantains profesional relationships with more than 40 public, private and mixed companies worldwide, with operations and representations in 3 continents and tangible success cases that manifest the actions of the company.


The evolutionary process of the organization, innovation, reinvestment, research, acquisition and equipment of an industrial complex endowed with state-of-the-art technology have been the key elements for the positioning and recognition of the company. The modern infrastructure, the generation of own patents, the development of science and technology, the successful management and excellence in the delivery of products and services have ratified the positioning of the organization in the market, making sure to always be at the forefront of innovation and contributing to the energy, industrial and economic development of each country where it has operations.


Generate Integral Solutions for the energy sector with state-of-the-art technology.


Excellence in Energy Solutions worldwide.


We are driven by passion, we continuously challenge ourselves and exceed the expectations of our clients, always striving to exceed goals and improve results, with total professionalism, determination and punctuality.

We act with decency, integrity, and honesty, trying to satisfy the legitimate interests of the company. We maintain a truthful and fair attitude, with an attachment to morals and according to the law. We always act with the truth, we are reliable, sincere, coherent and respectful of the rights of society and the environment. We fight against corruption in all areas.

Our actions comply fully with the company’s principles and policies. We assume our duties with conviction and following the strategic objectives and also asume the consequences of our actions, words and commitments.

We contribute to society by generating added value from the industry and we turn innovation into an organizational competence, seeking to substantially improve the results of the industry.

Our efficiency and organizational effectiveness is the result of our commitment to order and cleanliness.

We comply with the rules and policies of coexistence with the social, environmental, professional and business environment inside and outside the Organization. We understand, listen and value the other, without violating their rights.

CEO Message

“In a changing and challenging environment at the same time, it is the responsibility of those who assume the challenge of turning our organizations into leaders in the provision of quality energy resources and aware of the social and environmental responsibility we must assume, in the search for In this way, SERTECPET® is committed to the Scientific and Technological development for the provision of Integral Energy Solutions, based not only on its solid corporate, scientific and technological values, but also on the way in which humanity benefits from this new approach to business management but also with international quality standards, that is why it has concentrated all its resources to become a reference within the hydrocarbon-energy industry. “

With a vision of the future, in 1990 a company was born within the hydrocarbon and energy activity, nationally and internationally, endorsed by a solid professional training, experience, creativity, great challenges and deep personal and corporate values. In the long walk, innovations, reinvestment, research, acquisition and equipment of an industrial complex equipped with machines and tools with cutting edge technology for the design and construction of tools, equipment, parts and pieces for the oil industry.

The modern infrastructure, the successful management and leadership of senior management allowed him to focus on the processes of continuous improvement implemented within the organization. It has a solid integrated management system for Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety that accredits working under standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001. The API Q1 and Q2 standard of the American Petroleum Institute and ASME stamp, certify that its production plant is in the capacity to produce and design any type of product or equipment for the energy and other industries.

SERTECPET® also has the national and international S2M certification that guarantees the good practices of Corporate Social Responsibility, among others; In addition, we adhere to the Global Compact that is governed by the universal principles of the United Nations based on four central axes regarding respect for: Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental Rights and the permanent fight against corruption. All these accreditations show that the organization is very clear about its mission and vision, as well as its role in the global energy market. All the effort of the organization during these two decades, has focused on strengthening infrastructure, processes, knowledge and technological innovation; as well as the selection of the best human talent and leadership.

In this way it has managed to consolidate its brand, products and services with high added value, internationally in the energy sector. We also add value to all our stakeholders, achieving a win-win relationship, and projecting ourselves as strategic partners in the long term.

SERTECPET® is an industry that adds value globally.

Ing. Eduardo Lopez Robayo

President & CEO

Ing. Eduardo López Robayo
Presidente & CEO

"We are a team of collaborators committed to excellence, we have solid processes and strong values that guarantee the best results for all stakeholders."

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